Key player in the insurance comparison market in Italy. The digital brand of Howden (top 15 broker in the world).

Delivering on our promise

+25% on the main KPI (lead) within 6 months

  • Deep restructuring of SEM campaigns
  • Incrementality tests
  • Unintuitive bidding strategy changes (CPA->CPC)

tate is the first app-based energy provider in Italy. Eni (top 20 oil company in the world) invested in it.

From 1 marketing channel to a Marketing Mix

+80% registered users
-27% cost per registerd user

  • New MarTech tools implemented
  • Social advertising restructuring
  • New video production (CTR +44%)
  • 3 new marketing channels tested became part of the Marketing Mix

International retailer available in 5 countries, e-commerce revenues €50M+.

Expanding a Marketing Team

4 channels on which we brought specialized skillsets and results

  • SEO. Recover form the damage due to a problematic migration
  • TV. Measure the impact on the business
  • SEM. Improve performance during the international expansion
  • Affiliates. Create the channel from scratch and scale it

A unique partnership working together from Seed to Unicorn in 2 years.

As a fluid part of Scalapay team, we went from improving an Alpha product, to market-validating the Beta, to testing Marketing & Sales execution, eventually scaling across multiple countries.

scalapayItaly gets its first unicorn as Scalapay raises $497mItaly gets its first unicorn as Scalapay raises $497m
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